Safety Handbook Download – Basic Safety Rules

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You must keep in mind ” Safety is everyone responsibility”.

Safety Handbook

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Safety Handbook – Safety Responsibilities – Basic Safety Rules

Hot Work Permit Requirements in Industries, Refineries and Plants.

  • How to do In-Service Welding and Hot Tapping.

Example of a Typical Tapping Setup

Example of a Typical Tapping Setup

  • How to make Cold Work Permit and Requirements in Refineries and Plants.
  • When you will make Confined Space Entry Work Permit?
  • What are preparation necessary for Confined Space Entry Work Permit
  • When should be Release Permit?
  • What are Requirements for Excavation Design

Safety Handbook Download

  • Requirements for Excavation Construction
  • Requirements for Personnel in Excavation
  • You may know here about Isolation, Lockout, and Use of Hold Tags.

Hot Work Permit Requirements

  • Mention Electrical Lockout and Tag Procedure?
  • Explanation of Mechanical Energy Lockout and Tag Procedures?
  • Example of Double Block and Bleed Isolation

Basic Safety Rules

Blinding Procedure in Plants and Refineries

Blinding Procedure in Plants and Refineries

  • Abrasive Blasting and Coating
  • Labeling of Chemicals in chemical safety– Use of Chemicals – Storing Chemicals.
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders – Handling Cylinders – Using Cylinders – Storing Cylinders
  • Crane Operations – Inspection – Operations
  • Cutting, Welding, and Brazing – General Safety Precautions – Electric Arc Welding Operations

Flashback Arrestor Position on O2/Acetylene Cylinder

Cold Work Permit

Drilling and Well Servicing – Perforating – Wireline Operations -Coil Tubing Operation.

Electrical Safety – Qualifications – Work Practices -Energized Power Lines.

Fall Protection – Personal Fall Arrest Systems – Ladder Safety – Fixed Elevated Work Surfaces – Scaffold Safety.

Shock-absorbing Lanyard

Shock-absorbing Lanyard

Fall Arrest System (Front)

Fall Arrest System (Front)

Fall Arrest System (Back)

Fall Arrest System (Back)

  • Fire Protection – How to Response Procedures in Case of Fire – Fire Prevention Guidelines
  • Forklift Safety – Proper forklift load movement

Forklift Safety

Heavy Equipment – Equipment Condition – Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)

Hydrogen Sulfide Precautions – H2S Effects

Confined Space Entry Work Permit

  • How to make sure Office Safety?
  • Office Safety – Do it Transfer by Personnel Basket -Transfer from Boat-to-Boat Landing – Work Over Water
  • Proper Rigging Safety – Rigging Work Practices – Inspection
  • Vehicle Safety – Before You Can Drive – Preparing to Drive – While Driving

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