Cathodic Protection Design Package Preparation SABP-X-001 Download

The purpose of this article with attachment of document is to establish a format for a cathodic protection (CP) design package, for use by design engineers of electrical and cathodic protection in plants and refineries.

Cathodic Protection Design Package Preparation SABP-X-001 Download

Here also include Detailed Design Package  of Quality Assurance Check List for Pipeline CP Systems {Design Basis & Compliance with SAES-X-400, Review of Design Details & Calculations, }


We need design information related to Cathodic protection.

  • Pipeline Name
  • Pipeline Routing & Length
  • CP Design Basis

Design Basis & Calculations

  1. Design Basis:
  2. Design Calculations
  3. Field Survey Data
  4. Existing CP Facilities

How to check Soil Resistivity for Cathodic protection.

Here we will discuss Installation Guidelines of cathodic protection.

  1. Additional Bonding
  2. Additional Cathodic Protection by Galvanic Anodes
  3. Monitoring Facilities
  4. Surface Anode Groundbeds
  5. Deep Anode Groundbeds
  6. Distributed Anode Groundbeds
  7. Induced AC Mitigation

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