Design Coordination Weighing System

Design Coordination Weighing System

A properly designed weighing system depends on how well the engineering design team can work out the design details. It requires Process, Equipment, Piping, Electrical, and Control Systems Engineering disciplines to coordinate with one another to determine the design details and to maintain the flow of design information effectively among each design group.
The following procedures are established to define the responsibilities and interfaces among these engineering disciplines:

  • The Control Systems group will make sure that the following information is provided by the Process Engineering group:
    a. Material to be measured
    b. Total weight of vessel contents – net weight                                                                                                                                                                                                                      c. Properties of material
    d. Rate of charge
    e. Rate of discharge
    f. Overall accuracy required
    g. Service conditions
  • The Equipment Engineering group will provide the Control Systems group with the following design data:
    a. Vessel outline dimensions
    b. Material of constructions
    c. Vessel support details
    d. Process heating system – steam or heated gas in a jacketed vessel
    e. Vessel associated equipment, such as agitator and vibrator
    f. Saddle supports for horizontal tanks
    g. Total weight of vessel – tare weight 
  • It is the responsibility of the Control Systems group to select a proper weighing system based on the design information listed above. A complete weighing system specification will be prepared by the Control Systems group.  
  • Control Systems and Structural Engineering groups will coordinate with each other to work out the details for the weight module understructure. The vessel mounting and weight module locations will be properly detailed on the structure drawing. The Control Systems Engineer will work with Structural Engineer to determine the stay rods and safety check rods requirements.
  • The Control Systems group will provide the Structural group with the following information:
    a. Number of weight modules
    b. Weight module dimensions and mounting requirements
    c. Weighing system accessories attached to understructure
  • The Piping group will coordinate with the Control Systems and Structural groups to complete the proper design and layout of flexible piping attached to the vessel. The Electrical Engineering group will provide the Control Systems group with the area classification for the location where the weighing system is to be installed. The Control Systems group will select the weight modules and field-mounted weight instruments to meet area classification requirement.
  • The Control Systems group will prepare the location drawing for all weighing system equipment and the loop sheet to identify each piece of hardware on the drawing so that the Electrical Engineering group can define proper electrical wiring and conduit routing for the weight signal transmissions between weight modules understructure and control room.

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