Electrical Requirements for Data Center

Electrical Requirements for Data Center

o Power Supplies Objective: To secure and provide a clean, reliable and uninterrupted power. 
o supply for the critical equipment.
o Power capacity is a significant design issue.

o Inadequate power capacity can lead to fires and sudden supply failures Power mains disturbances and interruption can lead to serious problems.
o Ideally, multiple/redundant power sources should be used e.g. power feeds from separate substations and power generator.
o Power Quality is a very serious issue for electronic equipment; therefore, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) should be used.
o Provide Power Dist. Units with sub-breakers per rack.
o Dedicated Standby generators are highly recommended and must deliver sufficient capacity to run all essential equipment and should be auto-start.
o Generators, Batteries and other heavy electrical gear should be in separate rooms.
o The quality of the clean electrical supply should be monitored continuously.
o To determine electrical and cooling load, add up power draw of all equipment/systems known and multiply by 1.5 – 2 for growth
o Blade servers and high density rack mount servers have extra needs for electricity and cooling, typical 600-1000 watts/ sq. m.

o Establish a high-density area of 1000-2000 w/m². for enclosures rated at 3-6kW per enclosure.

o Consider electrical outlet types and amps needed per circuit.
o Lighting, HVAC, and convenience receptacles should be fed from different branch circuits than the Comp/telecom equipment.

o Main power supplies to Data Center should come from two different sources to minimize power loss possibility.
o Auxiliary (Emergency) power generator capacity should cover all required power within Data Center.
o Minimum of two UPSs of enough capacity of KVA with power stabilizing capability should be powering systems. Each UPS should carry the load for 30
o UPS should have emergency power-off controls for Data Center. The Emergency Power-off controls should be located next Data Center exit.
o Power outlets should be dual providing (110V and 220V) distributed at an average of four dual outlets per two square meters in Data Center. All outlets should include:

 Installed under the raised floor in a flexible conduits.
 Proper grounding.
 Circuits are as required and approved by IT Services.
 All outlets under the raised floor should be water-proof.

 Labeled with proper voltage indicated and circuit information and easily identified.
 Install dual power 110V/220V outlets on Data Center walls every one meter.
 All Power outlets in Data Center must have a stabilized power.

o Power load should be sized for hosted systems and future growth.
o One active and one passive pathways feeding the UPS from two different sources minimum 4kw/rack + the mechanical.
o Maintenance bypass Panel for UPS system should be connected from the MDB to the load in case of UPS maintenance or emergency.


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