Equipment and Materials Handling and Installation Techniques

Equipment and Materials Handling and Installation Techniques

The contractor’s responsibility shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The contractor shall provide  with written acceptance of all furnished cable reels. This acceptance shall state that before installation the cable reel and visible portions of the cable(s) were visually checked and the cable reel and cable insulation or jacket appeared sound and undamaged. Any visible damage identified shall immediately be brought to the attention of an field representative. All cable reels shall be handled and stored according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Perform dc insulation resistance test on all medium-voltage motors upon receipt to measure polarization index. All motor space heaters shall be continuously energized with temporary power according to the nameplate until the permanent power may be tied in and energized. Subsequent motor dry-out because of noncompliance is the contractor’s responsibility.
  3. Dielectric test of an oil sample from each filled transformer on receipt. A positive nitrogen pressure shall be established and maintained on each filled transformer until job completion. Subsequent oil servicing because of noncompliance is the contractor’s responsibility.
  4. Provision for heated and dry storage facilities for equipment and materials that might be damaged or degraded by outside storage. The electrical distribution portion of buildings shall not be used for storage of materials and equipment after any of the electrical equipment is energized.
  5. Final assembly of equipment as required. This includes, but is not limited to, transformer fins, fans and other accessories, oil for filled transformers and circuit breakers, switchgear, E2 starters, motor control centers, bus duct, battery racks, high-voltage motor connection cubicles, Kirk-interlock hardware, attachment of motor terminal boxes to motor throats, and installation of neutral grounding resistors on transformers when applicable. It also includes the provision of oil-handling equipment (including a pump and a filter press/drier) for oil-filled transformers and circuit breakers as required for assembly.
  6. Removal of all drain plugs in the outdoor bus duct to prevent water accumulation and insertion of suitable bug screen.
  7. The contractor shall install all RTD/thermocouple elements in the thermowells installed by the mechanical contractor.

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