HDPE Blending silo Load Sensor calibration procedure

HDPE Blending silo Load Sensor calibration procedure

  1. The silo which is going to be calibrate should be fully emptied.
  2. Check conditions before, around the load cells for related silo.

( Are they clean and the sensing surfaces of the load cells are touching to the silo.)

  1. Open the load cell front control panel near the silo. ( See figure-1)

  2. Change the jumper position from close to open.     ( Remove it)

( Releases the load cell transmitter for to calibrate.   ( See figure-2)

After completing your calibration job put the jumper into original position.

  1. Connect the lap-top to load cell transmitter terminal by interface cable.

( See figure-3 )

  1. Run hyper terminal software from the lap-top.
  2. After running the hyper terminal software insert necessary communication settings.
  3. In hyperlink software double click the phone icon and open the software.

(Software Items are coming sequentially) 

  1. Enter to ‘’Configuration’’
  2. Set the analog output values in below before starting the calibration.
  3. Select ‘’Analog output ‘’
  • Below gross zero = 4mA
  • Above gross FSD = 20mA
  • Value at 4 mA = 0.0 t
  • Value at 20 mA = 500 t
  1. Go to ‘’Calibration’’
  2. Start-up ‘‘New calibration’’
  3. Enter ‘’ Full Scale’’
  4. Set the silo as full range for ‘’500.0 t’’
  5. Select ‘’ Step width to 5’’
  6. Set dead load ‘’ with current load’’
  7. Select ‘’Calculate span with load cell data’’
  8. Enter the ‘’Number of load cells in the system’’ ( # 4 for each blending silo )
  9. Enter ‘’Nominal Load data” as 125 t
  10. Enter ‘’ Gravity of location constant’’ as 7933
  11. Select ‘’Exit’’in
  12. Select ‘’ Accept data in calculate span’’
  13. Select ‘’ End Calibration ‘’
  14. Save and disconnect from the terminal.
  • After finishing your job not to forget to put in  jumper original position.
  • Remove hyperlink interface cable  from terminal and connect system cable to terminal.
  • Close the panel door.

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