Local Control Panel Specification

1. Purpose
PIP PCSCP001 Control Panels Specification is adopted as a SABIC Engineering Standard with
the following addendum.
2. General
This standard defines the requirement for the design, fabrication, assembly, inspection, testing
and shipment of control panels for SABIC projects.
3. Addenda
The following sections, sub sections and paragraph numbers refer to PIP PCSCP001 Control
Panels Specification, July 2009.
Section 2.2 Industry Codes and Standards
Add the following standards
SABIC Engineering Standards (SES)
R10-S01 Instrument Tubing Material Specification
R11-C02 Standard Installation Drawing–Instrumentation
X01-E01 Control System Design Criteria
X05-E01 Process Control Cabling and Wiring
Add the following statements.
4.1.12 The panel shall be designed as per the area classification and site conditions as
required in Basic Engineering Data Document (BEDD).
4.1.13 All instruments located on the panel front shall be easy readable and operable.
Operable instruments shall be located no higher than 1600 mm and no lower than 1200
mm; readable instruments shall be located no higher than 1900 mm and no lower than
1200 mm, above the floor to their centerlines.
4.1.14 The effects of glare from sunlight and artificial lighting shall be minimized.
4.1.16 Control panels shall be conventional, vertical face and height shall be 2400 mm
maximum and 1500 mm minimum from floor level.
4.1.17 Pushbuttons and pilot lights shall be oil tight, heavy-duty type. Power on/off and
shutdown type critical pushbuttons shall have protective guards to prevent accidental
actuation. Lamp test function shall be provided for all indicating lights.
4.1.18 If annunciator is required, it shall consist of back lighted nameplates suitably engraved
with the alarm details, flasher unit, audible alarm relay and power supply unit. Each
annunciator shall be provided with pushbuttons for common lamp test, reset, and
4.1.19 If an audible horn is required, its sound level shall be between 85 dBA and 115 dBA,
measured at 3 meters.
4.1.20 A sunshade shall be supplied with the local panel in accordance with SES-R11-C02.

Add the following statement. 10 percent of installed spares shall be provided.
Add the following statements. Instrument Control Panels shall be provided with hermetically sealed switches and
relays. Panel power supplies shall be 230 Vac, 60 hertz circuits unless otherwise specified.
Manually selectable 127/230 Vac power supply units or equipment shall not be used. Internal cable channels maximum filling shall not exceed 60 percent of the cable
channel cross sectional area. Terminations shall comply with SES-X05-E01 requirements. Interconnections other than signal wiring between separate devices, such as individual
push button stations, signal lamps, relays, switches, etc, shall be made only through
terminal blocks and not by wiring directly between devices on the panel unless
approved by SABIC. In class I, division 2 areas, devices which contain plug-in components (alarm relays,
recorder chassis, etc) must be equipped with a mechanical interlocks to prevent
removal of the plug-in components with power on.
Modify statement as follows. Except for special cables, external wiring shall connect to terminal blocks.
Add the following statement. Opening in all enclosures through which wiring passes and each conduit termination
shall be suitably bushed to prevent cutting or abrasion of the wiring insulation Interface with any external control system shall be made through isolated dry contacts.
Delete statement
Add the following statement. In addition of the requirements of this specification, all terminal blocks shall be in
accordance with the terminal requirements of SES-X05-E01
Add the following statements. When pipelines containing process or service fluids are run to the panel, all the
instrument pipe and tube materials shall be per SES-R10-S01. Connections to instrument shall be made so that disconnection and removal of each
individual instrument can be made without removal or distortion of tubing. Instrument shall be connected by tubing to bulkhead connections. Supplier shall provide
tube fittings on the field size of the bulkhead connection.
Substitute statement 4.5.1 with the following.
4.5.1 Nameplates shall be in accordance with the requirements of Identification of SES-X01E01.

Substitute the first paragraph with the following paragraph.
The purchaser shall be notified one month before proceeding beyond the following mandatory
hold points:
Add the following statements. In addition of the requested data the following information shall be included:
1. Piping diagrams, if applicable.
2. Specifications for all instruments and materials furnished by the panel supplier.
3. Spare part list (start up and two years operation). All furnished information must include the following:
1. SABIC instrument item number
2. Instrument description, including the manufacturer and model number. In addition of PIP PCSCP001-D data sheet, the following information shall be furnished
by SABIC to the panel supplier:
1. Preliminary general arrangement drawing or instrument diagram, or both, from which
general arrangement drawing can be made.
2. Electrical schematic diagrams, except when agreed to be developed by supplier.
3. List of instruments and accessories to be purchased by panel supplier.
5. Logic diagrams, functional descriptions, etc. will be furnished, when necessary for supplier
to develop hook up sheets.

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