Motor Starters and Contactors Manual Starters Panelboards Lighting Fixtures

Motor Starters and Contactors

Magnetic starters provided by the contractor shall be minimum NEMA Size 1, complete with thermal overload relay heater element for each ungrounded conductor, specifically rated for the motor nameplate full-load current and starter enclosure ambient temperature. Unless otherwise identified, the nominal operating coil voltage shall be rated 120 volt, 60 Hertz. When starters are used where available line voltage is greater than 120 volts, they shall be provided with control transformer to provide 120 volt operating voltage from line conductors unless otherwise identified.

Ambient compensated, bimetallic-type thermal overload relay heater elements, fuse reducer clips if necessary, and fuses shall be provided by the contractor for all magnetic starters including those in supplied motor control centers. The contractor shall size the heaters specifically for the motor nameplate full-load current and service factor. Fuses shall be rated according to contract drawings and have 200,000 ampere interrupting capacity.

Manual Starters

Manual starters provided by the contractor for unit heaters, ventilation fans, or other single-phase motors shall be double pole, single throw complete with one thermal overload relay heater element specifically rated for the motor nameplate full-load current and starter enclosure ambient temperature.

Push buttons, Selector Switches, and Indicating Lights

The contractor shall provide all push buttons, selector switches, and indicating lights according to the contract drawings. Each device shall be provided with a laminated plastic legend plate indicating the function and the name or number of the equipment or device controlled. If not identified on the contract drawings, the field representative will supply the wording for the nameplates.

Panelboards, Lighting Fixtures, and Convenience Receptacles

Lighting fixtures shall be as indicated on the contract drawings. Fixtures shall be provided complete, including such accessories as lamps, ballasts, and mounting brackets.

For process power, lighting, and miscellaneous power dry-type transformer voltage and kilovolt‑ampere (kVA) ratings, refer to the contract drawings. Other characteristics shall be as follows:

Single-phase transformer taps up to and including 25 kVA, 2% to 5% taps below normal; above 25 kVA, 4% to 2-1/2% taps below normal.

Three-phase transformer taps up to and including 30 kVA, 2% to 5% taps below normal; above 30 kVA, 4% to 2-1/2% taps below normal.

All 3 phase Transformers to be Delta primary, Wye secondary.

185°C insulation (115°C rise) for 5 kVA to 25 kVA single-phase and 3 kVA to 15 kVA 3‑phase.

220°C insulation (150°C rise) for 37-1/2 kVA to 167 kVA single-phase and 30 kVA to 150 kVA 3-phase.

Enclosures shall be suitable for location in which equipment is installed.

Transformers shall meet all NEMA C82.9 requirements.

Lighting panel boards shall be of the factory-assembled, dead front safety type provided with bolt-in type single, 2-pole or 3-pole branch circuit breakers. Mains shall be arranged for a grounded, solid neutral system with main circuit breaker unless otherwise indicated. When required, the neutral bus shall be insulated from contact with any grounded surfaces within the enclosure. The grounding bus shall be solidly bonded to the panel enclosure. Refer to the contract drawings for the number of single, 2-pole or 3-pole branches, system voltages, and enclosures required.

Receptacles and Ground Fault Interrupters

Receptacles and wall switches shall be as described on the contract drawings. All convenience receptacles located in lavatories, kitchens, maintenance areas, outdoors, and all temporary construction power shall be protected by a 5 mA personnel protection type ground-fault interrupting (GFCI) circuit breaker or integral ground fault receptacle. A ground wire shall be installed with each lighting and convenience receptacle circuit.

Installation of Dedicated Neutrals

Each lighting and convenience receptacle circuit shall have a separate, dedicated neutral. Multiwire branch circuits are not permitted. Lighting and convenience receptacle circuit wiring shall be tagged with the panelboard circuit breaker number. Hot and neutral wires of these circuits shall have the suffix “H” and “N” added respectively to the circuit number. Tagging shall be as described.

All circuit breakers serving heat tracing circuits shall be 30 mA equipment protection ground fault interrupting (GFP) type.

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