PID Control Basics

This article is about PID Control Basics. Here just we are describing the basic defination and diagram for understanding. Later explanation for PID Control Basics will be done.

PID Control Basics

This concept is based on the Feedback loop control. As shown in the following figure

PID Controller minimizes the error by calculating difference between process variable and desired value (set point) by adjusting the control valve in industrial process. This acronym works stands for Proportional Integral Derivative control.
Proportional control removes the fluctuation by adjusting the set point.
The offset remains behind the proportional control, adjusted by the Integral control.
The third one is Derivative control which is very noise sensitive and never be used in system where lots of noise. It is used for stability of system and its stability effect is greater than destabilizing effect of I-Control.
This controller is particular useful only for process industry where accuracy matters.

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