Power Plant Instrumentation Engineer Interview Questions

Power Plant Instrumentation Engineer Interview Questions

  1. What is two wire transmitters? How to zero check of a DP Flow Transmitter?
  2. Types of orifice plates? Why do we have small hole sometimes above or below the orifice plate?
  3. Why do we find a square root extractor on flow loop?
  4. Draw a sketch of Process taps or Impulse piping or mounting requirement for flow measurement of Gas, Liquid, Steam service?
  5. Different types of control valves? Mention different parts of valve?
  6. What is F.O (Fail open), F.C (Fail Close), and F.L (Fail Locked)?
  7. What do you mean by CV (Co-efficient) of the valve?
  8. Why do we use Positioners?
  9. Different types of Actuator? How do we do replacement of valve gland packaging?
  10. What are the characteristics of valve and how do they differ from each other?
  11. What are the control valve leakage class and their test procedures?
  12. What is ON-OFF control? Cascade control? Split range control? Feedback control? Feed forward control? Where these controls are used?
  13. What is a zener barrier?
  14. What is zone classification, hazardous area?
  15. What is an intrinsically safe system?
  16. Uses of work permit (Hot, cold)?
  17. Meaning of explosion proof, weather proof Instrument, junction box, etc?
  18. Why do we purge cabinets with inert gas or clean air?
  19. Why do we use SCBA (Self contained breathing apparatus) & PPE(Personal protective equipment)? What is the minimum PPE use to perform job?
  20. Working Principle of R.T.D & Thermocouple? 2-wire,3-wire,4-wire RTD circuit? Conversion Fahrenheit to Celsius & Celsius to Fahrenheit?
  21. Difference between thermocouple cable and compensating cable? Why compensating cable are used?
  22. Different types of thermocouple? Its color coding? Range and composition?
  23. Why thermo wells are used?
  24. Typical Open & closed tank level measuring system?
  25. How to calibrate Leveltrol (Interface) transmitter?
  26. What are zero suppression and zero elevation?
  27. General Instrument symbol?
  28. Reading of P&ID drawing? Sketch Open loop & closed loop drawing?
  29. Meaning of Identification number (ex. Tag. No. FCV 1210)?
  30. Types of test equipment used in field or calibration room?(ex. HART communicator, Dead weight tester, Druck calibrator, etc)
  31. Architecture of DCS(Distributed control system), PLC, Ladder logic? To know their version, series, application software, etc?
  32. Calibration of gauges, transmitters, switches? Which contact is used for PSH, PSHH, PSL, PSLL?
  33. Vibration monitoring system? Probe mounting and calibration?
  34. Interlocks or safety system used for compressor, boiler? Why seal oil system, Lube oil system used for compressor?
  35. What are the analytical instrument used?
  36. Logic gates and truth table?





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