Removal and Installation of Anchor Bolt for Pedestal of Equipment and structural Foundation

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Removal and Installation of Anchor Bolt for Pedestal of Equipment and structural Foundation

It is a preparation against the possible effect to the concrete properties and construction operations. When these factors are explained to the relevant persons engaged to these activities therefore measures will be taken to eliminate or minimize undesirable effects that possibly introduced. This method defines lists of possible unfavorable effects and prevents practices intended to minimize them. Among these practices are such important measures as a pre-cooling ingredient, consideration of concrete temperature as placed, transportation time and curing technique.

WORK PROCEDURE  Removal and Installation of Anchor Bolt

1. Secure work permit from  concerned personnel prior to start of work/activity and prepare all materials, tools and equipment needed for the job.
2. Install physical barricade around the area for activities. Safety signs and barricades are erected to keep unauthorized personnel clear of areas in which erection, concrete placing, or formwork stripping is under way.
3. Excavate the area. From face of concrete column offset at least 1 m wide from area of excavation and must have at least a slope of 45°.
4. Chip off concrete until full depth of anchor bolt is attained. Removed the anchor bolt, clean the laitance, damaged coating on rebar will be repaired by approved coating material and inspected prior to commence further civil concrete work.
5. Forms shall be substantial and sufficiently tight to prevent leakage of mortar from the concrete. Studs, wales, or shores are properly spliced. Forms shall result in a final structure that conforms to shapes, lines, and dimensions of the members as required by the IFC drawings. Forms are properly braced or tied together to maintain position and shape and to prevent of movement of any part of the formwork system during concreting.
6. Formwork surfaces must be clean and no traceability of mortar, grout, and any foreign materials before concrete placement. Chamfer strips (minimum of 20mm) are placed in corners of formwork. to produce beveled edges on permanently exposed surfaces. Unless otherwise specified, reentrant corners or edges of formed joints of concrete are not beveled.
7. Install anchor bolts as per IFC drawings. Check projection, location, orientation, verticality, elevation and condition. Installed anchor bolt should be secured enough not to move while on concreting stage.
8. Concreting shall commence after acceptance of clients. Placed concrete shall be consolidated by mechanical vibration equipment supplemented by rodding or tamping. Slump and cylinder test samples shall be taken from the end of the mixer truck chute. After concreting check bolt orientation, verticality, elevation and condition. Anchor bolt should be as per required or as per IFC drawings.
9. Curing shall be continuous until compressive strength has reached 70% of the specified strength, but not less than seven (7) days after placement. Saturated burlaps shall be covered with plasticized vapour barrier and continuously water sprinkled. Visual inspection of the curing process shall be carried out on a daily basis by Inspector. Any deficiency found on the concrete shall be rectified immediately.

10 . Concrete must be protected from any mechanical disturbances during the curing period.

 Removal and Installation of Anchor Bolt

TOOLS & EQUIPMENT  Removal and Installation of Anchor Bolt

• Chipping Gun
• Chisel and Hammer
• Pumpcrete
• Concrete Mixer
• Auto Level
• Total Station
• Backhoe
• Paint Brush

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