The workstation is capable of the following functions as a minimum: PDW Functionalities

Function                                                                                                                         Software tool
Configuration                                                                                                            Woodward Toolkit
Graphics and display generation and modification                                    GE Proficy iFIX
Control algorithm generation and modification                                         Woodward GAP
Report generation and modification                                                               Microsoft WordPad
Trends generation and modification                                                       Woodward Control Assistant
System access configuration                                                                                Microsoft Windows 7
File access                                                                                                                     Microsoft Windows 7
Backup                                                                                                      Symantec System Recovery Desktop Edition
Logging                                                                                                                              GE Proficy iFIX

The system verifies the operation of the communication channels on a regular basis and alarms on any failure. The system has communication error checking schemes and alarms on repeated failures. The system will periodically test and validate the integrity of the backup communication ports and alarm on any failure.

Time synchronization

The engineering workstations and MicroNet systems synchronize time every 5 minutes, using the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). Within this time the MicroNet System will ensure time accuracy within applicable specifications. MAC shall provide SNTP servers connected to the CCS systems. The accessibility of the SNTP servers shall be provided by MAC.


A log is available for tracking operation and engineering actions or changes. Actions are divided into “Operation” and “Engineering”. Operation actions include normal operator actions that are logged in history files including:
• Change made to the mode of a controller
• Change made to the setpoint of a controller
• Alarms, including system diagnostic alarms.
• Shutdowns
• Turbine/Compressor critical running parameters, e.g. Min Gov Reached, Surge Control Line related events, Rate controller activated, etc.
Engineer Actions consist of normal engineer actions that are logged in history files, including:
• Download or modification of tag or module configuration
• Forcing member of a redundant pair on or off primary, status and placing devices on-line or off-line.
The system logs all local and remote access to the system.
Maximum number of Alarms and Events Queue display is 30 000. Events in the PDW are as alarms but with different status and area. Maximum Alarm and Event history is depending on the amount of disk space available on the PDW.



Data required for a complete backup and restore can be archived to removable media or to a network server. The control system is configured to automatically backup a control database, system configuration and other vital information to the hard-drive once a week. This can be done manually by giving a command as well. The system is configured to maintain a minimum of two sets of a complete backup and recovery data for each workstation, server and/or controller connected to the PCS on off-line storage media.

All PCS configuration parameters, including tag data, workstation configurations and controller module configurations are stored on redundant on-line media. On-line historical data is stored for access via history trends, displayed listings, and printed listings.
The workstation is capable to generate a hardcopy/softcopy of any active display available. The workstation has the capability of backing up the CPU memory onto its internal hard drive and on a removable storage media.
In NMR 602.11 “Configuration and Graphics Guideline” more details can be found regarding backup.

Additional Software

The software tools are developed by Woodward and are of the latest revision available at the time of placement of purchase order. The software tools assist with the initial engineering, operation and maintenance. The software provided is:
Control Assistant

Technical Woodward Software Overview

Control Assistant

Control Assistant is supplied with the workstation and is capable of performing the following functions:
• Troubleshooting
• Debugging
• Internal program calculation
• Trending
• Uploading tunables
• Downloading tunables
• Data log analysis


The AppManager tool is supplied with the workstation and is capable of performing the following functions to:
• Viewing and transferring files to and from the CPUs on the control
• Installing service packs on the CPUs,
• Configuring CPU IP addresses
• Assists with debugging system problems
• System logs can be retrieved with login information and fault status information
• Instruct the CCS to synchronize time with the SNTP server.


Toolkit is supplied with the workstation and is capable of performing the following functions:
• Operate the turbine and compressor
• Configuring of any possible turbine or compressor control parameter
• Servicing the turbine and compressor control
• Storing configuration, including tuning parameters.


The iFIX provides the following features:
• iFIX based applications to display/monitor the operating status of the CCS.
• Display of text messages and graphics to show the status of a process or the state of an alarm.
• Monitor, log, and display all alarms
Monitor performance and efficiency using real time and historic trending and data logging facilities.
iFIX is only used for monitoring purpose and for issuing commands to the CCS. Tuning, Control and Forcing are not part of the iFIX developed application.

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