Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook Download


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Valves, piping & pipelines handbook

Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook Download

This book is offering details as mentioned following chapter wise.

In First Chapter of this book offers Introduction to Valves and Pipelines.

In 2nd Chapter of this book includes information Classification of Valves, Basic Valve Nomenclature , Valve Selection Guides , Pipes and Pipelines.

In 3rd Chapter of this book covers Plug Valves (Cocks).

In 4th Chapter of this book is comprehensive guide to Ball Valves.

In 5th Chapter of this book describes Ball Float Valves.

In 6th Chapter of this book develops Butterfly Valves.

In 7th chapter of this is discussing about Rotary Disc/Rotor Valves.

In 8th chapter of this book gives information about Globe Valves.

In 9th chapter of this book illustrates about Gate Valves.

In 10th chapter of this book explains about Engineering Data Needle Valves.

Define terms of following

Pinch Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Slide Valves
Screw-down Valves Spool Valves
Solenoid Valves
Swing Check (Flap) Valves Pens tocks
Miscellaneous Valves

How briefly explain Control Valve Automation.

Performance and calculation of control valves.

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