The purpose of WORK PROCEDURE FOR CABLE PULLING generating this method statement is to define the procedure step by step to implement the correct practice for laying the cable from substation to the location of newly assigned area.
Scope of this method statement covers the following activities.
Tools / equipment
Receipt And Storage Of Material
Installation procedures


It is overall responsibility of Electrical engineer / Electrical field supervisor to monitor resources and
sufficient manpower to perform cable laying activities as per project specification, in compliance with quality, schedule and HSE requirements
The QA/QC Inspector will ensure that the installation of the cable,  through existing cable tray, is executed according to the method of statement and relevant industrial standards.
QA/QC inspector will be ensuring the proper cable installation checklist has been checked.


Hand tools.
Boom Truck
Cable Drum Jack
Cable rollers
Pulling wire & rope ( wax / soap based)
Measuring equpt. ( calibrated Insulation resistance tester)
LV Cable 3C x 150 mm2, XLPE/SWA/PVC
Receipt And Storage Of Material
On the receipt of the LV Cable at site necessary precaution shall be taken for unloading, shifting and storages as follows
Material shall be stored in a covered/dry space at all the time. The cable received at site shall be inspected by Quality Personnel as per approved ITP.
Any discrepancies, damage etc, found will be notified and reported for
further action.
Material shall be shifted to the designated cable pulling (location is marked on attached drawing.) through boom truck.

Installation Procedure FOR CABLE PULLING

Shall be ensured that the work area is ready and safe to start pulling of cable
Shall be ensured that scaffoldings are inspected and tags are valid.
Shall be ensuring that the proper work permit has been signed by concerned authority and all precaution, which shall be mentioned in work permit, has been included.
Before cable pulling, open required cable tray cover. Blockage shall be checked by inserting the draw wire and check that it reaches to other end without disturbance.
Prior to install the cable on tray, cables ladders / trays are free from any sharp edges and have the sufficient space for install the cables.
Place the cable drum underneath of existing cable tray, which is going to substation (location is marked on attached drawing.) on cable drum jack by using a boom truck.
Place the cable rollers on the cable tray for easily movement of cable during installation.
Cable laying shall be started by rotating the drum in a direction recommended by manufacturer and as indicated on drums. The site supervision team will ensure that the stress on pull is not applied to the
cable, while laying cables.
Cable shall be pulled to the cable tray through a rope from cable drum.
Cable shall be identified at the both ends and in between convenience interval on riser, identification bands should be stainless cable tag.
Cables shall be dressed  properly, secure cables to cable tray using UV protected heavy duty cable tie or SS cable tie. Ensure that the cable distance is maintained as per the approved drawings.
Shall be observed the cable insulation shall not be damaged during pulling.
Grounding cable shall be laid parallel along with the low voltage cable.
The cable shall be kept inside a barricade for avoiding any damages during the installation of pump.
On the completion of the cable laying and dressing continuity and insulation resistance test shall be carried out and shall be recorded with the witness of Quality personnel.
Cable end shall be sealed properly till the glanding and termination.


Job specific PPEs shall be used for all the activities during work.
All safety precautions shall be taken care as required and as per HSE Plan.
Barricade and barriers shall be installed to prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel.
All safety precaution boards should be visibly posted.
Toolbox meeting is conducted before starting the execution. It will give a clear idea to all, which participate in the execution.
 Mark up drawing for cable to be pulled.
 Cable pulling inspection checklist.

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