Applications of Foundation Fieldbus in Industry

Applications of Foundation Fieldbus in Industry

The use of Fieldbus shall be maximized for all regulatory process control devices where a suitable FF device is available and shall also apply to all Packaged Equipment. The regulatory process control loops shall typically include the following:
·       Monitoring loops (including bearing temperatures)
·       Multiplexed temperature monitoring loops (including bearing temperatures)
·       Simple PID loops
·       Cascade loops
·       Sequence loops
·       Complex loops
·       MOV control loops
Please note
Fieldbus shall not be used for the following applications:
·       Safety Instrumented System (SIS), Fire and Gas Alarm System (FGAS) signals due to safety Reasons.
·       Discrete signals, i.e. digital signals due to limited availability and lack of enhanced functionality of such devices. An exception to this shall be where multiple I/O devices are used such as motorized valves which have both analogue and digital signals.
·       Time critical applications such as anti-surge control turbine Control System (TCS), Compressor Control System (CCS), Vibration Monitoring System (VMS), Tank Data Acquisition System (TDAS), Flow Metering System (FMS).
·       IS applications.

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