Foundation Fieldbus Device Selection for use

Foundation Fieldbus Device Selection for use

Interoperability of FF

Fieldbus devices shall be fully interoperable with the DCS/Host and maximize the associated advanced diagnostic features that are coupled to asset management capabilities within the DCS System.
All FF instruments/ hosts shall have completed HOST Interoperability Support Test (HIST) based on HIST Procedures FF-569. FF instruments shall support all features specified in the HIST.
All FF devices shall be provided with FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Certification to confirm compliance with the Interoperability Test Kit (ITK), revision 4.01 or later.
The FF Device shall be capable of performing continuous diagnostics, including self-test functions and provide specific diagnostic information to the Plant Asset Management System (PAM).

Fieldbus Function Blocks of FF

The Function Blocks (FB) as defined by the FF is grouped into Standard, Enhanced and Additional blocks, although not all of these FB’s are appropriate for use in field devices and some are not available and/or do not have interoperability tests.
In order to simplify the process of FF device procurement, no additional FB functionality shall be specified other than as follows:
• Transmitter – AI for each required process variable
• Positioners – AO
• Temperature Multiplexers – MAI
• MOV’s – AO
In addition, these devices will be specified and supplied with the following default parameters
 Parameter                                                                                          Setting
Boot_Class —————————————————- BASIC (For all FF devices)
STATUS_OPT (Propagate Fault)
Monitoring loop     
AI Propagate Fault Forward: OFF
Local Control loop   
AI Propagate Fault Forward: OFF
AO Propagate Fault Backward: OFF
Pressure & Differential Pressure Transmitters  PV_FTIME ————–   2 sec
Level Transmitters PV _FTIME    ———————————————-    2 sec
Flow Transmitters PV _FTIME ————————————————–  2 sec
Temperature Transmitters  PV _FTIME ————————————–   2 sec

Field Device Management of FF

The Physical Device (PD) Tag must be set prior to installation at the manufacturer to enable connection of multiple devices during construction and commissioning.
The node address must also be set prior to device installation.

Device Upgrading of FF

FF devices shall allow easy upgrading with the latest revision software (firmware) composed of standard hardware, firmware and software.

Protocol of FF

The protocol of FF device shall allow the communication to DCS Vendor without any limitation.

Execution Time of FF

With exception of MOV segments, the maximum macrocycle execution time shall be one second. If a faster execution time is required, then the segment loading is subject to review and approval by the COMPANY.

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