Cathodic Protection QC Course & Interview Questions CP

Cathodic Protection QC Course & Interview Questions CP

1. What is ANODE?
 Is an electrode through which positive electric charge flows into a polarized electrical device
2. What is CATHODE?
 Is the electrode from which a conventional current leaves a polarized electrical device, Cathode polarity with respect to the anode can be positive or negative it depends on how the device will operate. (The Current flow of this device are Leaving (-) and Approaching (+).) (Binomial Characteristics)
 Is a Liquid or corrosive, medium that conducts electricity, It contains ions, which are particles of matter that carry a positive or negative charge
 It is a method of protection in iron and steel for electrochemical corrosion

 Is a substantial equipment that, when added to an environment, decreases the rate of attack by that environment. And are commonly added in small amount to acids, cooling waters, steam and other environments
6. What is ICCP?
 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, it provides an electrical current source to oppose the current of the corrosion cell(s)
7. What are the kinds of Sacrificial Anode Materials?
 Magnesium (Mg) Most Active
 Zinc (Zn)
 Aluminum
 Mild Steel
 Cast Iron
 Copper
 Stainless Steel
 Silver
 Gold
 Platinum Least Active

8. What are the causes of corrosion?
 Humidity
 Oxygen
 Chemical Salts
 Temperature
 Chemicals and Airborne gases
9. Give some Environment and Corrosion?
 Chemical/marine (More Severe)
 Chemical with high humidity
 Marine with high humidity
 Chemical with low humidity
 Rural (Less Severe)
10. What are the effects of Corrosion?
 Safety
 Cost
 Appearance
11. How to Control Corrosion?
 Design
 Inhibitors
 Materials Selection
 Cathodic Protection
 Protective Coatings
 Alteration of Environment

12. How to Detect Corrosion?
 Metal Path, Install Mg. Anode(-) in one side and the Cathode(+) will flows
13. What are the most Common and Popular application to control corrosion?
 Coating
 Cathodic Protection
14. What are the kinds of Cathodic Protection?
 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)
 Sacrificial Anodes Cathodic Protection (SACP)

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