Foundation Fieldbus Implementation

Foundation Fieldbus Implementation
(This is an Addendum to Foundation Fieldbus System Engineering Guidelines rev. 3.1
available to end users of the Foundation Fieldbus)

The adopted document can be downloaded from;

1. Purpose
Foundation Fieldbus (FF) System Engineering Guidelines editorial comments and revisions
March 2010 is adopted as SABIC Engineering Standard (SES) with following addenda. This
standard is general guidelines for FF applications in control systems.
2. General
This standard defines the FF system design requirements for SABIC projects. It shall be read in
conjunction with the adopted document.
Any conflict(s) between the adopted standard and any other SES, engineering drawings, shall
be resolved at the discretion of SABIC.
3. Addenda
The following sections, sub sections and paragraphs refer to FF System Engineering Guidelines
Rev. 3.1.
Section 1.4.3 Other References
Add the following standards to the list of applicable reference documents on FF.
SABIC Engineering Standards
X01-E01 Control System Design Criteria
X02-S01 Distributed Control System Specification
X05-S01 Process Control Cable Specification
Section 3.0 FF Host System Requirements
Add the following statement.
Host system requirements other than specific to FF systems shall be as per SES X01-E01.
Section 4.3 Control Functionality Location
Add the following statement.
All control related functions should be carried out in DCS. Refer to SES-X02-S01 for details.
Section 6.7 FF Cables
Add the following line.
Minimum specification of FF cables shall be per SES-X05-S01.
Section 7.5. Segment Design Considerations
Add the following line.
The number of control loops i.e. control valves and associated transmitters in a segment, shall
be as per SABIC approval.

Section 7.6.1 Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Installations
Add the following lines.
Intrinsically Safe installations shall be use with SABIC approval.


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