HVAC Inspection Requirements 27-SAIP-01 Download

This article gives notes on procedures and items to be checked or verify for the installation of HVAC systems. And How to do inspection and of HVAC System.

HVAC Inspection Requirements 27-SAIP-01 Download

27-SAIP-01 HVAC Inspection Requirements

Here we will discuss about GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.

  • What point need to be checked about Air Handling Units.
  • Fans in HVAC System installation notes points and inspection point of view.
  • Filters used in HVAC and installation points in mechanical.
  • HVAC Ducts How engineers can say it is okay to install and what interface required with other system.
  • Duct insulation conforms with design requirements.
  • Hydronic Coils Inspection Notes. (Piping valves are in proper position with good installation.)
  • Electric Coils in HVAC System. Coils should be clean and free of debris.
  • Humidifiers: Humidifier capacity should meet with design requirement of HVAC System.
  • Pumps: Pump rotation is very important and properly installation verified.
  • Cooling Towers: All piping connections are properly installed in HVAC System.
  • Chillers: Chiller is to be set in proper location and is hydrostatically leak tested.
  • Hydronic Piping: Design should be follow for  Piping system installation in HVAC System.

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