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    1. Hand tools
    2. Open wrench
    3. Monkey wrench
    4. Other miscellaneous tools and equipment    

Procedure CMP Cable Gland Installation

General Requirements

  1.   All works shall be carried out in accordance with the approved project specifications, drawings, diagrams, schedules, lists, data specification sheet and relevant approved ITP’s and Procedure with manufacturer’s recommendation as required.
  2. Compound sealing application may only be performed by Personnel who are trained by this application of sealing compound. The installer must make sure that the application of sealing compound is within approved procedure.
  3. Mock-up shall be conducted by Personnel who are trained in the presence of Contractor Quality Team prior to applying of sealing compound I to cable gland.
  4. Application of sealing compound before installation. Installer Personnel who are trained shall confirm that there is no power supply voltage should shutoff.
  5. Manufacturer recommendation torque application reference for various cable gland shall be added on the proposed Cable Gland and Sealing Compound procedure.
  6.  Always wear the required protective equipment during execution work and check if the hand tools and are in good condition prior to start of activities.
  7. Approved and latest IFC drawing shall be available at site for the requirement on the application of the sealing compound.
  8.  All cable glands with tapered threads shall not be used in enclosures having gland plates with unthreaded entries tapered threads include NPT threads.
  9. Unused openings hole shall be closed with blanking elements suitable for the relevant type of protection.
  10. All NPT type cable glands shall be provides greater than 3-5 effective threads engaged as per NFE 0361 and ANSI/ASME B1.20.1.And Metric Threads (MT) provides at least 8mm and 6 full threads according to ISO 965-1 and ISO 965-3.
  11. Installation of sealing compound and cable gland shall be as per Manufacturer’s Instruction.
  12. Installation of sealing compound should be installed after final Loop Checking.

 Assembling Instruction (As per ADE-1FC COOPER CROUSE-HINDS)

PX2KX Gland

  1. Fix the cable gland to the equipment by screwing the Body to the appropriate torque.
  2. Remove the Caps-Assembly and recover the Compression-Ring and the Compound-Chamber. For n°11 to 16 the Compound-Chamber is maintained in place in the body with the Compression-Ring.

CMP Cable Gland Installation

  1. Before introducing the cable through the Sealing-Ring,totally remove the temporary protective membrance.Take care of Skid-Washer positioning
  2. Place the Caps-Assembly¹and the Compression-Ring (large external diameter first) on the cable and prepare the cable.
  3. Mark on the cable, position to connect the cable gland taking into the account the total length of wire needed for the equipment.
  4. Cut on the mark, the outer sheath of the cable to release the cords, without damaging the individual insulation of the cords.


Barrier Gland Installation Video, PX2KX Gland

Proceed to the Compound sealing

  1. The maximum length of useful Compound given in the table above allows you to completely fill the chamber even without cable. Depending on the cable features, the compound should not be used in full, the amount should be   adjusted to properly fill.without overflowing, all the intervals along the length of the Compound-Chamber.
  2. Mix the compound needed by folding and kneading until resulting mixture is Uniform green color without streaks (approximately 3 minutes).From now Working time is 45-60 minutes at 20°c or 20-30 minutes at 30°c.
  3. Separates the cords to the nearest of the external sheath of the cable,put compound between each cord over a length equal to the total length of the Compound-Chamber and attach them together.
  4. Coat completely,the outside of this seal with compound,holding the cords in the center,until a diameter slightly greater than the biggest inside diameter of the chamber-compound
  5. Insert the compound-chamber over all the cords:
  • Large external diameter of the chamber first for n°4 to 10
  • Small external diameter of the chamber first for n°11 to 16
  • N°11 to 16 – means the compound chamber is maintained in the body   with the compression ring.

6.  Push with force chamber over the ompound until slightly cover the cable sheath.

7.  Push the compressor-ring to the nearest possible contact with the  compound-chamber.

8. Remove the excess compound around the chamber and the compression

  • Insert the equipped cable until the chamber is in contact with the inside of  the body and screw hand.

Sealing Compound Application


  • Tighten the internal-cap Properly.
  • To ensure the possibility of a subsequent removal for inspection,clean any eventual everflow of compound within the cable gland.

a) Dismount the caps-assembly¹and,if the deluge-ring,located outside the body,does not return to its correct position near the thread,put it back in place.

b) Pull out the cable with the compound-chamber and thoroughly clean the exess compound around the chamber ,around the compressor and within the body.

c) Definitely push the equipped the cable through the body and screw by hand.

  •    Tighten the Internal-Cap and the External-Cap Properl.Dont move the cable for a minimum of:

a) 30 Minutes with the minimum service temperature of 20°C.

b) 24 Hours with the service temperature lower than 4.4°C (40°F)

Safety Precautions

  1. Barricade the working area.
  2. All safety precautionary signboards must be visibly posted.
  3. Ensure that only authorized personnel are within the affected area.
  4. Daily Toolbox Meeting.
  5. Instrument Supervisor shall initiate daily toolbox meeting to educate his work crew on safety hazards involved in their work and the preventive measures that shall be undertaken.

Barrier Gland Installation Video / PX2KX Gland

Main keywords for this article are CMP Cable Gland Installation, Barrier Gland Installation Video, PX2KX Gland, Cable Gland and Cable Sealing Compound Installation, Sealing Compound Application.

Sealing Compound Application

Main keywords for this article are CMP Cable Gland Installation, Barrier Gland Installation Video, PX2KX Gland, Cable Gland and Cable Sealing Compound Installation, Sealing Compound Application.

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