This article is about racks and console cabinets installation in process interface buildings.

Process interface building Installation Activities

  • Electronic Control System required Installation and Visual Inspection for DCS/ESD 1/0 & CPU Racks and Operator Consoles. Check the actual location and foundation dimensions against the Vendor’s equipment drawings of the equipment’s to be installed.
  • Ensure that the transport of these equipment’s from the laydown yard to the Process Interface Building should be thoroughly Rigging of big equipment’s such as IRP, DCS, ESD 1/0 and CPU Racks should conform to the manufacturer recommendations.
  • From the trailer/ truck using a suitable crane lift down the panels to the cleared staging
  • The panels shall be un-crated in the presence of Contractor and Company Representatives inside the
  • The receiving inspections shall be done in the PIS before i
  • From there using pallet truck assisted by Technician / craftsman each panel shall be moved slowly one-by-one to its temporary location inside the PIS.
  • Layout the actual equipment dimension measurement on the location where the equipment is to be installed.
  • Marked the possible location of equipment’s / panels / racks base support. The location of the equipment should be as approved in I FC
  • In Process Interface Buildings, 3 types of installation will generally be provided is on the base plate, on the raise floor without base plate and the other is on wall mounting.
  • All supports, base plates, floor fixings, penetrations and cable entries shall be checked for its location, alignment, level and overall measurement as against the actual dimension of the equipment’
  • Provide adequate protection to finish floors, walls, and other equipment to prevent accidental damage during the
  • Install the equipment’s/ panels/ racks to its respective location by using pallet truck or tube Always exercise maximum safety in transporting the panels. Pallet truck shall have a greater capacity than Control equipment to be lifted.
  • Mount and anchor the equipment/ panels / racks in accordance with the Vendor manuals and IFC
  • The complete assembly shall be checked to ensure the alignment and level after bolt tightening.
  • Bond the equipment’s/ panels/ racks to its dedicated safety grounding bus-bar as described in SAES-P-111.
  • Vacuum cleaned inside panels / racks to removed dust and any foreign objects.
  • Repair/ touch up paint any damage, scratches on the equipment’s/ panels and racks shall be carried out only by written instruction from system Vendor.

Racks / Consoles Installation

  • Marshalling racks shall comply with the requirements of 34-SAMSS-820, “Instrument Control Racks – Indoors.”
  • System Racks: Saudi Aramco 34-SAMSS-820 requirements shall be applied for all wiring, cables, terminal blocks and ways ducts located within DCS system racks which are associated with the following: a) Power supply and distribution
  1. b) Utility power, lighting, and convenience outlets c) Intermediate terminal strips for 1/0 wiring d) Grounding
  • Consoles: All power supply and distribution wiring, grounding and I/0 termination wiring within consoles shall comply with the requirements of 34-SAMSS-820, “Instrument Control Racks – Indoors.”
  • Rack protection: After installation, proper protection (plastic cover for dust control) shall be provided.
  • Air-conditioning system shall be operated without shutdown after Temperature and humidity indicator shall be provided in the PIB for monitoring the temperature condition of the building.
  • Nameplates: All Racks shall have a nameplate permanently attached indicating the service description. Nameplates shall comply with the relevant sections of 34-SAMSS-820 specific to Nameplate Racks designed for both front and rear entry shall have a nameplate attached to both the front and back. All push buttons, switches, lamps and other console mounted devices shall have a nameplate permanently attached indicating the service description.
  • The ground bus bars shall be labelled and wired as follows: “AC SAFETY GROUND” for all exposed metal surfaces of racks, racks, chassis GND connections, Individual wiring interconnections between the internal components and the bus shall be minimum 12 AWG copper wire, green or green with yellow tracer insulation. This bus shall be directly bolted to the rack without the use of insulators.
  • The ground bus bars shall be labelled and wired as follows: “INSTRUMENT CIRCUIT GROUND” for connecting cable and wire shields and DC Interconnections between shield consolidation points and the bus bar shall be minimum 12 AWG copper wire, green or green with yellow tracer insulation. This bus bar shall be electrically insulated from the rack structure.

Rack and panel spare requirement

Unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Order, each rack shall be provided with the following spare capacity to allow for future system modifications:

a) 20% installed spare terminal blocks of each terminal block type Spare terminal blocks are to be distributed to match the layout of required spare 1/0 modules, field termination assemblies, relays, etc.

Commentary Note:

The 20% spare terminal requirement is intended to be used for the 20% spare cabling required in homerun cables. It is not intended to be additional terminals on top of terminals used to terminate spare pairs/triads.

b) 10% spare relay bases in racks where there are ten relays or For less than ten relay installations, one spare base should be installed.


The above requirement does not apply on racks where only one relay is installed for fan failure or alarm.

Definition related Control System

CCS   Compressor Control Unit

CCTV   Closed Circuit Television

CMS   Condition Monitoring System

CPU   Central Processing Unit

CRMS   Corrosion Monitoring System

DCS    Distributed Control System

ESD   Emergency Shutdown

FAS   Fire Alarm System

FF      Foundation Fieldbus

FHMS:  Fire Heater Management System

FOPP   Fiber Optic Patch Panel

IAMS    Instrument Asset Management System

IPCS    In-Plant Communication System

LFAP   Local Fire Alarm Panel

MPS    Machine Protection System

PCS    Process Control System

PLC    Programmable Logic Controller

UPS   Uninterruptable Power Supply


Industry Codes and Standards

NFPA            National Fire Protection Association

NEC                   National Electrical Code

CSM                      Construction Safety Manual

IEC-60529        Classification of Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures

NEMA ICS 6         Enclosures for Industrial Controls and Systems

NFPA 70 2005       National Electrical Code (NEC

ISA RP60.6                  Nameplates, Labels and Tags for Control Centers

UL 94                       Standard for Safety Test for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances

Required Tools and Equipment

– Forklift – Screw Driver – Electrical pliers

– Crane – SocketWrenches – Set of spanners

– Low/High Bed Trailer – Torque Wrenches – Pallet Truck

– Stake-bed Truck – Hydraulic Jack – Spirit Level

– Laser level guide – Rope – Other misc. tools & equipment


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