What is Packaged Air Conditioner? Types of Packged Air Condtioners

What is Packaged Air Conditioner? Types of Packged Air Condtioners

What is Packaged A/C Units

This Section describes the minimum requirements for self-contained, packaged, factory assembled and wired unit; consisting of cabinet, compressor and integral air cooled condenser, evaporator fan, evaporator coil, air filters, and controls; and fully charged with refrigerant and oil.


  • Product data shall be submitted including rated capacities; shipping, installed and operating weights, operating characteristics, certified dimension drawings, furnished specialties and accessorie
  • Shop drawings shall be submitted including installation details for wall penetrations and wiring diagrams including power, signal, and control wirin Wiring diagrams shall differentiate between manufacturer installed and field installed wiring.
  • Product test reports shall be submitted based on evaluation of comprehensive tests performed by manufacturer and witnessed by a qualified testing agency, for packaged air conditioners.
  • Operation, installation and maintenance data shall be submitted for packaged air conditioners to including operation, installation and maintenance manuals.

Quality Assurance

Electrical components, devices, and accessories shall be listed and labeled as defined in NFPA 70, Article 100, by a testing agency acceptable to authorities having jurisdiction, and marked for intended use.


  • Frame and panels shall be structural steel frame with galvanized steel panels with manufacturer’s standard baked enamel finish, and with access doors or panels.
  • Insulation shall be a minimum 25 mm thick, acoustic duct liner on cabinet interior and control pane
  • Drain pan shall be stainless stee
  • Spring isolators shall be provided for mounting under base of unit, with minimum static deflection of 25 m
  • Discharge plenums shall be a cabinet extension with duct openings for air discharge and lined with a minimum 25 mm thick duct liner.

Evaporator Fan

  • Evaporator fan shall be double width, double inlet, with forward curved or airfoil centrifugal fan;
  • statically and dynamically balanc
  • Evaporator fan shall be belt drive with fan mounted on permanently lubricated bearings or direct drive with fan and motor resiliently mounted, dynamically balanced.
  • Fan sheave shall be cast iron or steel, dynamically balanced and bored to fit shafts and keye
  • Motor sheave shall be variable and adjustable pitch selected so required rpm is obtained when set at mid-positi
  • Rating shall be as recommended by the manufacturer or a minimum of one and one-half times nameplate rating of motor.
  • Bearings shall be grease lubricated with grease lines extended to exterior of uni
  • Motors shall be totally enclosed fan cooled ty
  • Fan and motor shall be mounted on common sub-base and the assembly shall be mounted on spring isolators with minimum static deflection of 25 mm.


  • Compressor shall be hermetically sealed, 3600 rpm maximum, and resiliently mounted with positive lubrication and internal motor protection.
  • Compressor shall be reciprocating or scroll ty

Evaporator Coil

  • Evaporator coil shall be direct expansion with seamless copper tubes expanded into aluminum fi
  • A separate circuit shall be provided for each compressor, with externally equalized thermal expansion valve with adjustable superheat, filter dryer, sight glass, high pressure relief valve, and charging valves.

Condenser Coil and Fan

  • Condenser coil shall be aluminum fin copper tube with integral sub-cooler; leak tested to 2930 kPa.
  • Condenser fan shall be direct drive propeller type with permanently lubricated motor with built-in thermal overload protectio

Heating Coil

  • Electric resistance heating coils shall be helical, nickel chrome, resistance wire heating elements with refractory ceramic support bushings; automatic reset thermal cutout; built-in magnetic contactors; manual reset thermal cutout; airflow proving device; and one time fuses in terminal box for overcurrent protection.
  • Hot water heating coils shall be copper tube, with mechanically bonded aluminum fins spaced no closer than 2.5 mm; leak tested to 2070 kPa underwater; and having a two-position control valv


Filters shall be as specified by SES H01-E01, Section 14.

Unit Controls

  • Control package shall be factory wired, including contractor, high and low pressure cutouts, internal winding thermostat for compressor, control circuit transformer, and non-cycling reset relay.
  • A time delay relay shall be provided for a five minute delay to prevent compressor short cyclin
  • An adjustable thermostat shall be provided to control supply fan, compressor, condenser fan and hot water or electric heating coil.
  • The system selector switch shall be provided with Off-Heat-Auto-Cool setting
  • The fan control switch shall be Auto-On.

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