Work Permit Receiver Test Reviewer Question Answers

Work Permit Receiver Test Reviewer Question Answers

1. What is a Restricted Area?
a All Aramco Areas
b. Construction Areas
c. Areas where the Department Manager requiring Work Permit
d. Fence Area
2. When the issuers determine that the joint site inspection is not required he:
a Issue cold work permit
b. Issue confined space entry work permit
c. Explain the reason on the work permit
d. ls.sue hot work permit
3. A work permit will be closed:
a. Before the end shift
b. Both Issuer & Receiver signing the permit
c. When the job is completed
d. After the day shift
4. A joint site inspection is only required for:
a. All Types of work permit
b. Cold work permit only
c. Confined space entry permit only
d. Hot work permit only
5. A joint site inspection is to be conducted by:
a Superintendent & Foreman
b. Both Issuer & Receiver
c. Security & Safety Officer
d. Issuer & his Foreman
6. Gas test is required for:
a. Confined space entry only
b. Hot work only
c. Cold work only
d. all types of work permit
7. When mechanical & electrical group working in the same equipment in restricted area:
a. They will use only one work permit
b. Each group must have separate work permit
c. when the foreman & superintendent agree on one work permit
d. When the maintenance person agree to work without permit
8. Who is the Work Permit Issuer?
a. All Aramco employees
b. Certified Receiver
c. Supervisor certified by division or department head

d. Foreman or Superintendent
9. Who is authorized to obtain work permit
a. Aramco Employee
h. Certified craftsman
c. Engineer
d. Foreman
10. When the operation person has been isolated the unit and install padlock?
a. They can start the job with instruction from foreman
b. The receiver install his own padlock
c. Get your tools and start the job
d. Do the job quickly
11. How many keys will be used in the padlock?
a. Two only
b. One both issuer & receiver
c. One or Two
J .. One only
12. In a confined space entry what is the most important things to do?
a. Only hot work can be done
b. Insure that the space is isolated
c. Non sparking tools will be used
d. Gas release ca be made safely
13. When the operation person install padlock to switchgear
a. Check the field side all equipment are energized
b. Work safely
c. Do it quickly
d. None of these
14. Who else must sign and approve work permit that will be used for over sixteen (16) hours?
a. Inspection Department and Health Department ·
b. Operations Superintendent and Maintenance Superintendent
c. Security Operation and Operation Department
d. Maintenance Department and Security Department
15. Where do we need a work permit?
a. All Saudi Aramco Areas
b. Areas which are designated by the Department Managers
c. Construction work shop
d. None of these
16. Hot work is not permitted if gases and vapor are measured above what reading on LEL meters?
a. 10%
b. 0.05 LEL
c. 0.0 LEL

d. 0.10 LEL
17. If H2S is present at what level is breathing apparatus required?
a. 5 PPM
b. 0.05 to 0.5 PPM
c. Above 10 PPM
d. 1 PPM
18. If an oxygen deficiency is registered at what level is breathing apparatus required?
a. 25%
b. Greater than fS%
c. Less than 20%
d. Less than I 0%
19. Who is responsible in performing the work in accordance with the condition agreed upon with the issuer?
a. Safety Department
b. Issuer
c. Receiver
20. What should be the first thing to do when you need work permit?
a. Present your receiver card to issuer and request the required work permit
b. Get tools ready
c. Close valves
d. Shut off the circuit breaker
21. A receiver can stop the job on what condition existing in work area?
a. End of the shift
b. Work is complete
c. Unsafe condition existing in work area
d. Transfer to other work area
22. A receiver can leave work site:
a. Prior permission from issuer
b. Another work location to attend to

C. Receiver an exit permit
d. Has work at least two hours
23. Why is it necessary to know the direction of the wind?
a. To prevent garbage and dirt to enter at work site
b. To insure that wind will not blow into ignition source
c. To prevent sand from entering into open valves
d. None of the above
24. When work is stopped by the issuer he should:
a. Pick-up the work permit and write the reason for stopping the work and other relevant

b. Leave immediately
c. Close work
d. None of these
25. A Lock Hold Tag is for:
a. Replace padlocks and lock our devices
b. Controlling hazard in excavation
c. Only for hot work permit
J . Explaining padlock used on system lock outs

1. c,  2. c,  3. b,  4. a,  5. b,  6. d,  7. b,  8. c, 9. b, 10. b, 11. d, 12. b, 13. a, 14. b, 15. b, 16. c, 17. c,
18. c, 19. c, 20. a, 21 . c, 22. a, 23. b, 24. a, 25. d.

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