1. What is a restricted area
a. All Aramco areas
b. Construction area
c. The department manager requiring a work permit procedure;
d. Fence area
2. A work permit can be approved for:
a. 8 hours
b. 16 hours
c. 30 days with special request from the superintendent
d. All of the above
3. What is the propose of work permit
a. For specific construction, maintenance and inspection
b. Specifying additional precautions in the job site
c. To identify potential hazards in the construction site
a. All of the above
4. When the issuer determine a joint site inspection is not required the;
a. Issue cold work permit
b. Issue confined space entry permit
c. Explain the reason on the permit
d. Hot work permit
5. A work permit will be closed
a. Before the end shift
b. Both receiver and issuer signing the permit
c. When the job is completed
d. After the day shift
6. A joint site inspection is required for:
a. All types of permit
b. Cold work permit only
c. Confined space Entry permit only
d. Hot work permit
7. Gas test is commonly require for:
a. Confined space entry permit
b. Hot work permit
c. Cold work permit only
d. All types of work permit

8. When Electrical and Mechanical group working in the same equipment in the restricted area
a. They will use only one work permit
b. Each group must have separate work permit
c. When the foreman and superintendent agrees to work in the same permit
d. When the maintenance person agree to work without work permit
9. The hard copy of the permit shall kept at:
a. issuer’s office
b. Kept for 3 months on· file
c. Posted in the job site
d. Receiver’s pocket
10. Who is the work permit issuer?
a. All Aramco employees
b. Certified receiver
c. Supervisor certified by division of department head to issue work permit
d. Foreman or Superintendent
I I. When you smell H2S gas at the job site, what should you do?
a. Call Safety Department and inform that you smell a gas.
b. Continue of working and conduct gas test by yourself
c. Stop work and inform the issuer to conduct gas test
d. Report to the Loss Prevention
12. When the operation person has been isolated the unit and installed padlock
a. They can start the job with the instruction from the foreman
b. The receiver install his own padlock
c. Get your tools and start the job
d. Do the job quickly
13. How many keys will be used in a padlock
a. Two only
b. One both issuer and receiver
c. One or two
d. One only
14. When the operation person installed the padlock to the switch gear should:
a. Check the switches again to make sure that it is correct unit
b. Ensure that the unit is isolated
c. Work safely
d. None of these
15. A welder’s permit can be used for electrical group working on the same location if:
a. This is not permitted
b. The foreman and superintendent agrees the condition of the work permit
c. The receiver allows you to work
d. Start the job without informing the issuer

16. What is the purpose of hold tag?
a. To isolate of de-energized the equipment
b. To explain the reason why the equipment being isolated
c. To work the job safe
d. All the above
17. What is the designated representative?
a. Issuer ·.
b. Employees designated by the issuer
c. Contractor representative
d. All of the above
18. When the work permit is extended into a second operation shift, who is required to sign?
a Issuer only
b. Receiver only
c. Both a & b
d. Superintendent
19. What type of permit is required when the work activity will not produce sufficient energy to ignite a flammable atmosphere or hydrocarbons?
a. Cold
b. Hot
c. Release & cold
d. Hot & release
20. No entry permitted if there is a what amount of gas and vapors present?
a. 0.5 LEL (50%) or greater
b. 0.05 LEL (5%) to 0.5 LEL (50%)
C. 0.0 LEL (0%)
d. 10%
21. A supplied air breathing apparatus must be used when how much gases or vapor are present?
a. 0.5 LEL (50%) or greater
b. 0.05 LEL (5%) to 0.5 LEL (50%)
c. 0.0 LEL (0%)
22. lf H2S is present at what level is a breathing apparatus required?
a. 5 PPM
b. 0.05 PPM to 0.5 PPM
c. Above IO PPM
d. 1 PPM
23. ff an oxygen deficiency is registered at what level is a breathing apparatus required?
b. Greater than 15%
c. Less than 20%
d. Less than I 0%

24. A work permit must be written in?
a. Arabic
b. Pencil
c. Arabic or English
d. Pen
25 . If your work requires working with sealed radioactive operated X-ray equipment:, what type of work permit is required?
a. Hot
b. Cold
c. Entry
d. Release
26. For electrical operated X-ray equipment, at what types of permit is required?
a. Hot
b. Cold
c. Entry
d. Release
27. What do the abbreviations PPM mean?
a. Personal Protective Materials
b. Parts Per Million
c. Military Time
d. None of these
28. What do the abbreviations PPE stand for?
a. Personal Protective Equipment
b. Parts per Electron
c. Provide Paper Equipment
d. None of these
29. Within how many feet of a power line is a work permit required?
a 100 feet
b. 200 feet
C. 10 feet
d. 100 meters
30. Who is responsible for specifying precautions so the work can be done without accident?
a. Foreman ·
b. Receiver
c. Issuer
d. Department Manager
31 . Within how many feet of a high pressure or hydrocarbon pipe line either below or above
ground is a work permit required?
a. 100 meters
b.  200 feet

c. Between goal posts
d. 100 feet
32. What should be the first thing you do when you need a work permit?
a. Get tools ready
b. Present your receiver card to issuer & request the necessary work permits required
c. Shut off the circuit breakers ·
d. Close valves
33. What type of permit is required when a vehicle entry into a plant is needed?
a. Cold & Confined space permit
b. Hot and confined space permit
c. Release and cold permit
d. Hot permit
34. Work that develops sparks, flames or heat sufficient to cause ignition is issued on what type of
a. Cold or confined space
b. Hot or release
c. Release only
d. Hot
35. What type of permits may be needed when performing Tank cleaning, tank inspection or work
inside sewers?
a Cold and release
b. Hot and cold
c. Release
d. Hot or cold and confined space
36. Who is responsible for performing the work in accordance with the conditions and requirements agreed upon with the issuer?
a. Safety Department
b. Issuer
c. Receiver
37. Normally, the period covered by one work permit shall not exceed how many consecutive hours?
a.16 hours
b. 12 hours
c. 8 hours
d. 24 hours
38. A work permit can be issued for period longer than 16 hours but not in exceed of:
a. One week
b. to days
c. 90 days
d. 30 days

39. What type or permits may be needed when erecting scaffolding inside a tank?
a. Cold and Release
b. Hot and cold
c. Release
d. Cold and confined space
40. Those areas of activities which have been designated by department Manager as requiring the
work permit procedures are known as?
a. Military areas
b. Restricted areas
c. Government areas
d. Construction work shop
41 . The person who is authorized to issue a work permit?
a. Saudi Aramco Employees
b. Contractor Foreman
c. A Designated Representative
d. Certified Issuer
42. What type of permit is needed when welding, burning or grinding in a restricted area?
a. Cold and confined space permit
b. Hot and confined space permit
c. Release and cold permit
d. Hot permit
43. When the maintenance group is working on the De-energized equipment, who is the first
person to install a lockout lock?
a. Receiver
b. Operations Persons
c. Craftsman
d. None of these
44. Who can forcefully remove an isolation Jock when the owner of the lock can not be found?
a. Shift Superintendent
b. Shift Foreman
c. Shift Superintendent or Shift Foreman
d. None of these

1 .c, 2.d, 3.d,4.c, 5.b, 6.a, 7.d, 8.b, 9.c, 10.c, 11.c, 12.b, 13.d, 14.a,  15.a, 16.b, 17.b, 18.c, 19.a, 20.a, 21.b, 22.c, 23.c, 24.c, 25 .b, 26.a,  27.b, 28.a, 29.b, 30.c, 31.a, 32.b, 33.d, 34.d, 35.d, 36.c, 37.a,  38.d, 39.d, 40.b, 41.d, 42.d, 43.b, 44.c

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