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This article is about BASIC DC ELECTRONICS CIRCUIT VIDEOS. Almost all DC ELECTRONICS CIRCUIT VIDEOS are summarized here in this article. These videos are sole proprietary of PAKTECHPOINT. This summary is very  useful for Electronics & Electrical engineers, technicians and supervisors. You will find lot of documents related to this article. Just navigate our website  and find more articles. Please! Do not forget to subscribe our You tube channel also. Thanks in Advance.


  1. Magnetic Hysteresis – Hysteresis Loop – Hysteresis Curve – Electronics Engineering
  2. Analog Ammeter Operation
  3. Ammeter Circuit Connections
  4. Analog Voltmeter Operation
  5. Assembling a Circuit from a Schematic Diagram
  6. Batteries – Basic Electronics
  7. CAPACITORS WHAT’S INSIDE – Basic Electronics
  8. Circuit Protection and Bulb Calculation
  9. Circuit Resistance for the Inverting Amplifier
  10. Current in a Series Circuit – Basic Electronics
  11. DC Circuit Analysis The Series Circuit
  12. Effects of a Rheostat in a Series Parallel Circuit
  13. INDUCTORS IN CIRCUIT – Basic Electronics
  14. Current Divider Rule CDR – Basic Electronics
  15. Current Divider Rule Practice Problem
  16. Current Source Approximations – Electronics Explained
  17. Deriving the Formulas of the Power Wheel
  18. Effects of a Rheostat in a Series Circuit – Electronics Explained
  19. Electrical Switches & Pushbuttons
  20. ElectroMagnetic Radio Waves – Electronics Explained
  21. Electromagnets – Basic Electronics
  22. Finding the Common Connection of an SPDT Switch – Electronics Videos
  23. How Adding Parallel Branches Decreases Total Resistance
  24. Ignition System of a Combustion Engine
  25. Inductor Series Parallel Practice Problems
  26. Inductors in Parallel – Electronics Videos
  27. Interpreting the Resistor Color Code
  28. Kirchhoff’s Current Law Parallel Circuit
  29. Wheatstone Bridge – Electronics Videos
  30. Proper Meter Placement
  31. Voltage Sources in Series – Electronics Videos
  32. Electrical Wires – Material of Electrical Wires – Types of Wires – Cable Basic
  33. Reversing the Rotation of DC Motors
  34. Parallel Capacitance –– Electronics Videos
  35. Resistor Color Code Recognition Drills
  36. Voltage Dividers – Electronics Explained
  38. Voltage Divider Rule
  39. RC Time Constant –Electronics Videos
  40. Total Power Calculations in a Series Circuit
  41. Shorts Affecting Current in a Series Circuit
  42. Variable Resistors – Electronics Circuits
  43. Series Capacitance – Electronics Circuits
  44. What is Relay 
  45. Practice Thevenin voltage of DC circuits
  46. Opens and Shorts – Electronics Circuits
  47. Voltmeter Circuit Connections
  48. Opens and Shorts in a Parallel Circuit
  49. Three Way Switching Circuit – Electronics Circuits
  50. What is Solenoid – Electronics Explained
  52. Wattmeters – Electronics Devices
  53. Watt’s Law – Electronics Devices 
  54. Methods of Producing Electricity
  55. Op Amp Buffer – Electronics Circuits
  56. Magnetron Ignition System
  57. Ohm’s Law Practice Problems
  58. Non Inverting Amplifier Circuit Resistance – Electronics Explained
  59. Opens Affecting Current in a Series Circuit
  60. Ohm’s Law Current – Electronics Devices
  61. Kirchhoff’s Current Law Practice Problems
  62. Ohm’s Law Relationship of Voltage, Current, and Resistance
  63. Measuring Current in a Parallel Circuit
  64. Norton’s Theorem – Electronics Devices
  65. Magnetic Circuit – Electronics Devices
  66. Magnetic Hysteresis – Hysteresis Loop – Hysteresis Curve – Electronics Engineering
  67. Ohm’s Law Power
  68. Kirchhoff’s Current Law
  69. Maximum Power Transfer – Electronics Explained
  70. Ohmmeter Measurement Connections
  71. Ohmmeter Capacitor Testing
  72. Magnetics AC Power Generation

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