I. The work permit system authorize specific construction, maintenance, inspection or repair jobs to be conducted in the company’s restricted areas.
2. Restricted areas are:
Petroleum Processing Plants,. Pump Stations, Tank Farms, Loading Piers. Hydrocarbon Pipelines, Oil and Gas Wells, Gas Plants, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, Marine
Vessels, Gasoline Stations and near Power Line.
3. Work Permit Forms area four kinds”
924-1 Yellow- Release (Opening a line, draining a vessel)
924-2 Red – Hot (Electrical, welding, grinding, blasting, vehicle entry)
924-3 Blue – Cold (Hand tools work, sand removal, brush painting)
924-4 Green – Entry (Tank- cleaning or inspection, work in sewers or trenches 4” or deeper)
4. The issuer and receiver of work permit must make a joint site inspection and conduct a gas test if required before issuing and signing the work permit.
5. The issuer must see that the receiver’s certificate is valid and approved for the type of work to be done.
6. During an emergency the issuer may permit work without work permit. However. he should issue as soon as he can.
7. For some jobs the issuer may determine a joint site inspection is not required. Such as Low risk jobs, Lubricating, Cleaning. Painting and Carpentry.
8. The issuer and receiver are jointly responsible for the safety of people and equipment in the area.
9. When the issuer determines a joint site inspection is not required, he must explain why in the appropriate space on the permit.
10. The work permit is valid for two shifts only or 16 working hours. This requires the signature of the issuer and the receiver coming on shift.

Work Permit Certification (WPR) Questions & Answers

Saudi Aramco Work Permit Course Review with Important Question Answers

11 . The work permit is for a specific site. Transfer from a craft to a different craft is not permitted.
12. A work permit may be issued for periods over 16 hours, but not in excess of 30 days. This applies to extended construction or maintenance work where job requirements remain
unchanged. The permit must be approved by the division head or above. ·
13. The receiver of the work permit must keep the hard copy of the work permit at job site.



14. The issuer may stop a job and withdraw a work permit if he feels that safety of the job does not meet with conditions specified on the work permit
I 5. When work is stopped the issuer must pick up the work permit, write the reason for stopping, time and date.
16. When conditions are safe again, the issuer may issue the new work permit.
17. The issuer shall keep the original copy of the work permit for a minimum of 3 months.
18. The issuer should use a hold tag to explain the reason for Locking out equipment.
19. The confined space entry permit requires that a vessel be disconnected and isolated before entry.
20. When different work crews on the same system, each crew must have it’s own permit.
21. All high risk work required joint site inspection.
22. The operation crew should de-energize the equipment, install their padlock and hold tag as “OFF’ and ready for work, then receivers also must attach their Padlocks and tags.
23. Issuers should remove their Padlock from a locked out system after work is completed and receiver have removed their padlocks.
24. The release of hazardous liquids and gases permit is needed for intentional release.
25. For draining a hydrocarbon line to an open drain pit, a release of hazardous liquids or gases work permit is required.
26. The additional precaution section on the wr,rk permit is provided so that additional items of equipment can be listed.
27. Maintenance and operations superintendent must sign work permits that will be used for over 16 hours.
28. The issuer must check that the correct system has been de-energized before a work permit can be issued.
29. A confined space entry work permit is required to go in to a below grade valve box.
30. The work permit that is required for spray painting an in-service sour gas line inside a plant area is a Hot Work Permit.
31. If the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) reading is more than 10 PPM, workers must wear breathing apparatus or (Scott Air Pak).

32. If welding job is to be done inside a vessel, confined space entry and Hot Work permits are required.
33. Hot work permit is allowed to start only if the combustible gas reading is 0.0 LEL
34. if the issuer should try to turn the valve or switch on against the lockout immediately following the lockout of a valve or electrical switch.
35. Details should record on the tag which equipment is locked out and where the equipment located when locking out and tagging equipment.
36. During release work, wind direction must be considered because flammable gases may be blown towards an ignition source.
37. lf a receiver requires a permit for work to add new connections to an existing system, engineering approval must be obtained.
38. The work permit issuer and receiver must perform a joint site inspection if it is required.
39. The number of workmen required to do the work in restricted area is limited to the number required to the job safely and should be mentioned on the work permit.
40. The oxygen content for work without breathing apparatus must be in the range above 20 – 21%.
41. The safe working limit of H2S is 10 PPM
42. sense of smell is loosed when H2S is reached from 50- 100 PPM.
43. The lower explosive limit (LEL) of H2S is 4.3% or 43,000 PPM.
44. If oxygen percentage is less than 20% Scott air pack should be used for inspection inside a tank.
45. J. W. snifter is used to test combustible gases.
46. Dragger is used to test Toxic gases and H2S.
47. J. W. 02 is used to test oxygen contents
48. H2S is water soluble any water contaminated with the gas is a potential hazard.
49. When levels reach 300 PPM, Loss of consciousness can occur within 30 minutes and at 500 PPM to 1000 PPM respiratory arrest occurs followed by unconsciousness and death.




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