Saudi Aramco Work Permit Course Review with Important Question Answers

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Who must sign an issuer’s certificate?
* His superintendent
How long can a certificate be issued?
* Two years
Why do we use the work permit system?
* To prevent accident
We use work permits in hazardous areas to:
“‘ Be sure hazards and precautions are known
What are two important reasons for using work permit?

* To communicate and control work
A work permit lists:
* Minimum safety precautions
A work permit must be issued for:
* Specific work at specific location
A restricted area requires: 

* That work permits are issued
Restricted areas include:
• Pump stations, sewage plants and wells
If it has not been decided if an-area is restricted, who makes the decision?
* The department manager
When can an issuer decide a work permit is not needed in a restricted area?
* When he decides the work is low risk
Examples of low risk work could include:
Sweeping, visual inspecting and minor cleaning

A work permit issuer is responsible for:
* Equipment or a work area

An issuer has which responsibilities?
• Defines safety precautions and signs the work permit
A receiver is?
* A senior craftsman
The receiver’s main responsibilities include:
• Complying with safety precautions and signing the permit
Why designated representative used?
•The issuer may·be busy and needs help
What can the designated representative do?
* Inspect the work site
What joint responsibility do issuers and receivers share?
* Safety at work
why is it important that the issuer tell the receiver about safety hazards he may find at a job
.* The receiver may not have worked in the area before
What are two things must the issuer do before issuing a work permit?
* Check the receiver’s certificate and get countersignature
Who goes on a joint site inspection?
• The issuer and receiver
What two things must the receiver do before receiving a work permit?
* Read the permit and agree to all the conditions
Where must the receiver keep the work permit after it is issued?
* Displayed at the job site or in his position
Where can receiver leave the job site?
• When the issuer has given permission
What is discussed during the joint site inspection?
Scope of work and equipment to be used
When would the issuer check to make sure equipment has been properly prepared for maintenance work?
During the joint site inspection
Why do receivers go on the job site inspection with the issuers?
• To discuss the hazards and risk

When should a fire watch be assigned?

* Whenever a fire could occur.
What would the issuer require when welding on is-service hydrocarbon equipment?
• Fire watch
What must the fire watch be?
• Trained
The fire watch has to know to:
* Operate fire equipment given to him
What do we call a person who is required to be at the job site because of a special skill?
* Standby man
When preparing equipment for maintenance work, the issuer makes sure it is:
• Shut down, isolated, and de-energized
A nonflammable material commonly used lo purge equipment is?
* Nitrogen
Two common methods of cleaning process equipment include:
* Water-washing and steaming
Equipment is isolated to make sure it cannot be:
• Started-up, leak or cause electric shock
Choose two methods of isolating equipment?
* Remove piping and install blinds
Removing fuses from an electrical circuit or disconnecting electric wiring is an example of what?
• Isolating electrical equipment
Why do we install blinds in process equipment?
* To keep liquids or gases from contacting people
lnstalling locks and tags on electrical breakers prevents accidental:
“‘ Start-up of equipment
Why do we install tags as well as locks?
“‘ To explain why the lock is installed
Who, from the work crew, installs lock?
* One member from each work crew
44. The issuer must try to start-up equipment at the field switch after it bas been isolated and
before work starts to make sure:
• It cannot accidentally start

What happen to operations locks and tags installed on equipment when operators change
* The keys are usually transferred to the new shift
The reason equipment must be de-energized and depressurized before work is started is because:
* People can be injured .

Who should be the first organization to install locks and tags?
* Operations
What must operations do before removing their locks and tags?
• Make sure equipment can be safely started
What is one hazard with doing lot of work?
* Ignition source
The use of air compressor in an operating area requires which work permit?
•· Hot work permit
Covering sewers is required which work permit?
• Hot work permit
What is the difference between hot and cold work permit?
* Hot work permit uses an ignition source
Cold work permit includes?
* Sand removal and scaffold building
A release of hazardous liquids or gases permit is required when?
* Pipe fitters open a line or install blinds
Choose three things you should check before issuing a release work permit?
* Wind direction, drainage, and ignition source
Choose three things that needed before allowing entry into a confined space:
* Lighting, standby man and air mover
What is oxygen deficiency?
* Lower than normal amount of oxygen
What does the duration box tell the receiver?
* When the work must stop
The information entered in the “exact work location” box is important because it controls?
• Where the receiver can work

Why does the issuer need to know what equipment will be used at a job site?
* It helps him identify hazards ‘ •
What must the issuer do if a joint site inspection is not done?
“‘Write why not on the work permit
Why is the checklist section important to issuer and receiver?
“‘ Make sure important steps have been taken
“Use a fire blanket” or”Hand dig only” are examples of what?
* Additional precautions
What information must the gas tester enter on the work permit?
• Gas test results, name, and badge number
What should the issuer do if gas test are not needed?
• Enter “NIA,, or “Not Needed”
What must the issuer write on the work permit?
* Name, Organization code, and badge number
What must the receiver write on the work permit?
“‘Name, Organization code, and badge number
Who can extend a work permit?
* New issuer and receiver
Who can close a work permit?
• Issuer and receiver
Where could an issuer find out which permit to issue for a specific job?
On the back of any work permit
A pipe fitter cannot work on the same piece of equipment using a welder’s work permit
• Each type of work involves different hazards
Work permit can be issued for up to?
• One operational shift
What happens if work must continue past the time that original permit was to expire?
“‘ Extend the permit or issue the new one
Who must sign a work permit to extend it?
• The issuer and receiver who signed the ex.tension
Work permits can be issued up to 30 days?
* It is highly unlikely that conditions will changed

Who must sign a work permit issued up to 30 days?
” Operations and maintenance division head
If a work permit is not issued during an emergency, what must-be done to do the work?
• All safety precautions must be ta.ken
The issuer ·must stop if:
The job site was found to be unsafe
What must the issuer do with the work perm it after he stops work?
* Write the reason on the work permit
The receiver must stop work if:
The work site becomes unsafe
 What must the receiver do if he stops work?
Tell the issuer
What would be a good example of when the receiver must stop work?
* He hears an emergency alarm
What might happen if a safety problem arises and the receiver does not stop work?
* A fire, injury or accident
When must the work permit be closed?
· “‘ When the work is finished or the crew leave
Who must sign the work permit to close?
* Issuer and receiver
Why must work permit be closed?
* To communicate the status of the work
How long must the issuer keep closed work permits on file?
* Three’ months
What is one hazard with doing hot work?
“‘ Ignition source
Why is the checklist section important to issuer and receiver?
* Make sure important steps have been taken

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