How to Protect and Manage Reciprocating Compressors


This guideline contains recommendations for installing Bently Nevada transducers and monitoring systems on reciprocating compressors. These recommendations apply to both new machines and to existing machines for retrofit installations.

We highly recommend that you continuously collect and trend the compressor’s vibration data, rod drop data, and temperature data using a machinery management system such as Bently Nevada’s Data Manager® 2000 for Windows NT. The 3300 reciprocating compressor monitoring system is also compatible with Performance ManagerTM 2000. Using these additional tools will maximize your ability to diagnose problems and analyze the performance of your reciprocating compressors.

How to Measure Vibration on Reciprocating Compressors

Valve Temperature Monitoring using 3300/75 RTDs and TIMs

Rod Drop Monitoring using 3300/81 Six-channel Rod Drop Monitors

High Temperature Monitoring using 3300/30 3300/35 6-channel Temperature Monitors

After reading these above four article we conclude following  paragraph.

On reciprocating machines, accelerometers should be used to measure impact and liquid ingestion malfunctions which are characteristically high frequency signals. A system that includes both proximity probe transducer systems and frame velocity measurements is the best method to measure rotational related malfunctions, such as overloading, foundation degradation, main bearing failure or unbalanced forces.

By properly utilizing a valve temperature monitoring system, you can detect valve failure at an early stage, helping to prevent catastrophic machine wrecks. It also enables you to schedule machinery maintenance based on actual valve conditions rather than on a set schedule.

Excessive rider band wear can lead to severe compressor damage. The Six Channel Rod Drop Monitoring System continuously monitors wear of the rider bands on horizontal reciprocating compressors. Up to six cylinders can be protected with a single monitor. The system provides early warning of rider band wear, making it a valuable addition to your machine instrumentation by increasing operational time, minimizing maintenance cost and increasing plant safety.

The 3300 Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring System provides a foundation for reliable machine protection. It provides early warning of valve failure and rider band wear. It also protects your plant personnel and machines by shutting down the machines immediately whenever a machinery problem causes increased vibration. It will be a valuable addition to your machine instrumentation by increasing operations time, minimizing maintenance cost, increasing plant safety and helping you to plan and manage outages.

Fully Instrumented Reciprocating Compressor

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